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They are in Denver for tomorrow night's " Bear to Make a Difference " gala, which is their most important fundraiser of the year. In case you didn't know, the staff of the Matthew Shepard Foundation ask over celebrities to autograph very cute plush bears for them, which are then auctioned off to benefit the foundation. I am blessed to own two of the bears LaShay also works each month with " Feeding Denver's Hungry ," taking on the very difficult role of personally unloading all of the 17, lbs.

Heritage June 30 Auction Results: Golden Age Horror, Ninja Turtles Top Certified Comic Sales

All the unloading must be accomplished in under 30 minutes , so LaShay handles extreme pressure remarkable well. I am blessed to have her as my dear friend. To explain, I would normally escort her at all official functions, but my own transition to Imperial Crown Princess Bettie Pages precludes that from ever again happening. We also cannot seek to rule together as Emperor and Empress in Denver as we did two years ago Whether that honor can ever be achieved by either of us is still problematic, but we definitely cannot rule together.

A snowstorm is supposed to happen that same day, so our kids and youth performers could really use your support if you live in the Denver area.

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The good news is that the cold and early darkness should keep those pesky protestors who show up at all of our events at bay. Gift certificate I will close today's very chatty newsletter by simply asking if you might please support us in our efforts by placing an order this weekend for a few comics , books , or both.

Any help that you might be able to provide to us would be most sincerely appreciated. Happy collecting! October 25, P. Below is a huge listing of an amazing number of new arrivals that Will , Pam , Gordon , and Trish have added into our website inventory for you this week.

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Our online comics and books inventory is already the largest and most diverse in the world, but we strive to improve upon it even further, every single day. Codeword all Weekend! July 3, - Just Arrived! TM All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved. All scans are exclusive property of Mile High Comics, Inc. Convention Hours. Whether it's your first convention or you are a seasoned con pro this is the place to see what all the excitement is about.

We work hard to diversify our guest at Mobicon. We bring in a variety of guest including actors, extras, directors, authors, artist, and voice actors. With over 13, sq ft of merchant space Mobicon has gone the extra mile to bring you a diversified merchant room with something of interest for all attendees. Be sure to check out our panel schedule here.

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Oxford hotel bend promo code. Fallindesign coupon code. Cavior coupons food delivery. May 24 - 26, Nike nfl jersey promo code. A comic may have nice eye appeal yet still possess defects which reduce grade.

Art is a big part of Mobicon. With attendees coming in from all over, our Artist Alley is a great place to be seen. Check out the information here to get registered. What fun is a convention full of Cosplayers without a little competition. That's right bring your best and show it off! Our costume contest is the place to be. All the information you need can be found here. So check it out and be sure to get in on the competition.

Annually in honor of a local charity we hold a silent auction.

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Here you can get a chance to get a great deal on some hot items. Be sure to check it out. Learn a little bit about gaming, sign up, and check out the gaming schedules here. War gaming is the hobby dedicated to the play of games that deals with military operations of various types, real or fictional. War gaming has changed dramatically over the years, from its roots in miniatures and board war gaming, to contemporary computer and computer assisted wargames it is by far one of the most popular types of gaming among enthusiast.

A board game is a tabletop game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or "board", according to a set of rules. In the last decade we have seen a shift in gaming to a more complex board gaming model. With hundred of games on the market to choose from this mode of analogue gaming is getting a lot of attention.

A role-playing game is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting controlled by a game master. Leveling the player characters collecting fame, treasure and prestige is just a small part of the story crafted by the game master. Battling monsters and solving puzzles table top role-playing is a very popular genre of gaming. So you want to play some games? Well you are in luck! We have demos, tournaments, organized play, and casual events scheduled for the duration of the convention.

We have something for everyone. Both beginners and advanced players can get involved. Our gaming staff is dedicated to getting you into the game and pointing you to the vendors who can help get you started. Be sure to preregister for your tournaments and organized play slots on our schedule before the convention. Gaming is a big part of our convention experience. We bring in all the regional sanction groups to make sure there is something for everyone.

The Merchant room is a great chance to get out in front of a large audience with your various wares. Attendees can elect to buy the various wares, and artistic pieces.


This is definitely a great opportunity for any shop owner large or small to get out and show off their best goods! At Mobicon we have a huge list of structured programming, along with attendee ran events to keep you entertained through the weekend. If you've never attended a panel we will tell you first hand you are missing out.

Imagine meeting a whole room of like minded individual that share your passions and hobbies to have a structured conversation and learn about topics you'd otherwise never explore. A panel is a structured program event that takes place in a specific room. The normal setup is attendees gather with speakers that range from guests to fans that talk about topics. These can range from hobbies, workshops, or just general gatherings.

Panels range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length normally and will be scheduled throughout the weekend. Your admission to the convention allows free access to the panels. In some rare cases if a panel is a specially hosted workshop that requires a fee they will be disclosed on the ticket registration page. This is a very rare occurrence but could potentially happen but will be fully announced in the panel details.

You can go to as many as you have time for. We will have panels going throughout the weekend. No, panels are on a first come, first access basis. If there is a panel you wish to attend be sure to arrive on time or slightly early to secure a spot inside the panel room.

Original Tintin comic artwork sells for more than €1m

The Artist Alley is a chance for artist to get out in front of their fans and show off their talents whether it be painting, drawing, writing, filming, or even Cosplay. This is definitely a great opportunity for members of the art community to get some real exposure! What fun is a convention full of cosplayers without a little competition. There's no right way to do it! Cosplays from all walks of life.

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Cosplay is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. The barrage of costuming can be anything from store bought items to hand sewn and crafted. Cosplay has embedded itself in pop culture with phenomenal growth in the past decades and is a big part of our convention scene. Cosplay Contest Registration.

Cosplay Contest Rules. Annually in honor of our charity we hold a silent auction. The Auction takes place Saturday May 25th, Time and room will be announced closer to the event date.. Whether you come for the day or the weekend pre-purchasing your memberships will gain you access to our special pre-registration badge pickup area. Hotel registration now available. Water St, Mobile AL Here you will find all the general information about the event. And if you have some time to learn about the convention, the organization, and the people behind it.

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Mobicon is an annual convention held in Mobile, Alabama in May. It was re-founded in , with its membership increasing each year. Mobicon is a multi-genre convention with fandoms in science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, anime, manga, horror, paranormal and mass media. Each Mobicon, fans from these genres, along with actors, artists, authors, and other media guests get together to interact with each other and participate in a number of events that are unique and pertaining to their particular interests.

During the day, the Merchant Room is open for our members to shop for games, collectables, memorabilia, and more.

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Our Art Show and Artist alley provide space for local and national artists to display and sell their work. There are guests to meet, discussion panels to attend and debate in, and demonstrations to watch. A designated staffed KidCon area is setup just for the children in our community to come take part in crafts and play games. The night hours feature structured programming and games so our guest can socialize, interact with each other and make new friends. Mobicon also co-host sanctioned after parties in select establishments in the Downtown area.