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Saqib H Mar 4, Very lousy timing. Why so late? I waited for an hour and half when it was supposed to be delivered in 40 minutes. Arafat Feb 28, Mohan M Feb 8, Ishmam Feb 5, Farzana Jan 25, Food was really good. The delivery pack should be sealed with stapler or tape for hygiene purpose.

BURGER KING - TVC Whopper 2 for 6 (Ait)

The delivery handed me the package in open state so next time i would like to see the pack sealed. Naveed A Dec 25, Naveed A Dec 24, Zerin T Dec 23, Ateshin R Nov 17, Nandit P Nov 7, It took more than 1 hour 20mins to arrive the food. I ordered at By the time it arrived I lost all appetite to eat. Syed Oct 21, Sohel Oct 6, Arnab Oct 5, Mosleh M Sep 29, Amena Sep 22, Almost 3 hours delay delivering the FOOD!! What do you expect the quality will be?? Kaiser Sep 2, I complained food panda regarding their bad food neither did food panda acted on it Sayma Aug 25, Tanbir Aug 17, Food got soggy, you need holes in the paper packet so that it doesnt sweat.

Kazi Aug 11, Sonia I Aug 7, Samsuddoza Jul 14, Wrapping of the foods was horrible! It should have been at least in a box. Also, expected tissue of sealed "logo", but it was normal "as usual tissue" which doesn't belong with Burger King. Afreen Jun 22, They cheated me.

I ordered the medium sized French fries n they sent me small sized French fries. Very disappointed with the late service plus their way of sending me 99tk fries when I ordered for tk. Durjoy Jun 18, Parvez H Jun 12, The chips were soft due to delay in delivery. Shud find a way to keep the food hot and crunchy. Mahadi Jun 5, NiHaL Jun 3, Tanvir May 28, Roza S May 27, Tazrian R May 25, Rageb May 24, Very poor and flimsy packaging for deliverable food from such an international brand.

Fahim S May 12, Nahian J Apr 8, MD Feb 16, Thanksin advance. I go to the bk in mt Vernon they never get the order correct like my last order I was short a whopper telling them does not help!! I have seen commercials 10 chicken nuggets for 1.

One of the burger chains seems to be getting the best response from its "dollar menu."

BURGER KING® Get Fresh Offers, WHOPPER Meal Deals. BK Café 2 for $6 Mix or Match now available with new Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Limited time. As of June 1, , Burger King is offering three Whopper deals that will or get two burgers for $6 as part of BK's "2 for 6 Mix or Match" deal.

Pale lettuce, tomato ends, lukewarm burger……yeah these are what people want out of a burger. It is really sad that 2 cinnamon buns, small hash brown and a value sweet tea cost more then a sausage egg and cheese combo. My son has been going to Burger King every Monday through Friday for eight years.

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They have had numerous change over through the years and all of them have respected on making the price reasonable treating it like a combo. Time to take our business to someone who cares. Really sad that they do not believe in loyal customers who has McDonalds and Dunkin Doughnuts within the same distance. I would love it should they keep the price of the food as it is today. I have 1 just 3 blocks from the nursing home I live at.

I may be 60 yrs. Tina you had better think twice about going to McDonalds and Dunking Donuts are high priced and McDonalds are losing costumer due to poor quality and high prices. A1 Hearty Mozzrella Burger 4. When was the last update on price?

Burger King (Jungceylon 2 Phuket)

It would be great if you could update more often. Otherwise, thanks for actually having a very helpful site. Here in Jacksonville Florida, they have specials at a very great price, but I believe that they update every time they go on TV with a great deal. And that usually year round on special date set on the calendar.

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I think the flavor of the burgers closely rivals my gas grill. The larger fries are better than McDonalds, and stay hotter longer. Fast food is not cheap anymore! I can get a better,hot meal at my local supermarket for 5. The girl in the window was awesome perfect customer service she sure knew how to make me smile which I needed that today thank you whitney. Not to mention I ordered a vanilla shake and got a chocolate one. They are still running commercials about the Deals for more of a fair price on their food which can compete with Mcdonalds.

Your food is overpriced! So you better be still running the Deal that I just seen on the Commercial. Your Food when not on sale is overpriced! Sincerely, A Disgruntled Customer. The way that burger king hides it is by listing the cheap items online, but omitting them from the menu when you order. They do this to increase sales. The average person will only order what they see.

Burger King Mgr confirmed this when I addressed it yesterday. She was so ashamed. Time limit is exhausted. Username or Email Address. Skip to content. McDonald's vs. Join the Conversation 78 Comments they need breakfeast prices. Hi, breakfast prices have been added.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Breakfast menu prices are coming soon.

News: Burger King - Two for $5 Mix & Match Deal | Brand Eating

Love your item prices. They are very cheep.

I hate Burger King not even my grandma likes it.