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Thankfully, I work with a clever bunch!

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Want to give this unique escape game a try? Austin Panic Room currently offers four different missions :. Grab a group of friends, coworkers, or family members supervised children as young as 10 are welcome , choose your adventure, and book a time slot. But, as long as you have at least four people on your team, you are good to go! A fierce blizzard has hit your secluded ski resort! So much for that relaxing trip. Caught in the snow, you and your friends were forced to take shelter in a nearby cabin. But beware! The old wooden structure can only stand the brunt of the storm for so long.

Can you find a way to save yourself and your companions? Or, will you succumb to the fury of the blizzard? Enter below for your chance to win.


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Who is such an inspiration to me. I just finished watching her documentary Running from Crazy. I love her message and I know you will as well. Ernest Hemingway. Other than, I was forced to read his books in high school. Then when I went to Florida, my parents had a condo down there as many Canadians love to do. You were in that documentary. I love your mission around helping people with mental health and physical health and you are such an advocate for mental health and that is something that is still sort of taboo to talk about. When they have suicidal thoughts.

My sort of mission and passion in life as you know because you watched way too many movies now about me but not really about me but my mission really is to give — I tell my story not because I think my story is so great but because I think my story is so actually pretty normal in the sense at we all have one. People were unhappy and there were issues. There was addiction. There was this and there was that. By telling my story, it sort of gives other people permission to tell their own. You know what I mean?

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We live in a world that is very isolating even though we have connections to 8 billion people and all of their problems. It is not real connection. It is not a place to really share ideas. Podcasts are so wonderful because you really get to have a real conversation with somebody and exchange ideas and you could hear people of passion. You could feel — you know what I mean? To me, those things are important. I think sharing our stories is really a first step in finding some sense of recovery.

Recovery is different to everybody. It entails everything you do. Our life and finding balance, joy, and happiness is about everything you do. I posted in the Learn True Health Facebook group if anyone wanted to ask you a question. Her question is so universal but of course, I feel when I read it, I felt her isolation. As well as many others. I do so while getting the house, family, ready.

Some of us are super busy and stressed stay at home parents or full-time jobs, taking care of kids, homeschooling, etc. Just with crazy schedules running errands and also trying to spend time enjoying the family. How can they if they only have three hours a day to themselves to play with kids, exercise, cooking, cleaning, and shop and make sure to get to bed by 10?

How can they do it all? You are on the go but what I got from watching one of your documentaries is that you always got water in your hand or kombucha in your hand.

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I would see you do this. I saw that you integrated little things into this really busy life. How can we best help these listeners who are so busy to be able to feel at the end of this episode, they are good enough. They are absolutely doing an amazing job and how can we help them to some great life strategies as well? I understand what it means to be a mom. I never had a chef or a personal trainer or somebody to go out and take care of my house do all that stuff. I was pretty much like everybody else. I was trying to juggle all those things. I do understand the overwhelm that life presents itself.

I needed to do for myself. It was in those early years when life was incredibly busy. I was doing a television series called Civil Wars and Attorney. It was really hard.

I worked way too many hours but it was about really focusing on self-care in a way I had to really schedule everything. When I said meditation is a big and important thing to me. In that book I talked about, if you want to change the way that you eat if you want to start eating organic, change your breakfast. Start with one meal.

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By the Numbers: Austin Panic Room 4–10 people are locked in a room, working as a team to solve a series of devious puzzles; successfully finding all clues and . Buckle up and hang on tight! Austin Panic Room will bring thrills, excitement, and fun for the whole family. Go ahead and treat yourself to a trip to this amusement.

Just you start taking care of you. Change one meal. See how you feel. See if that makes you feel differently. You have more energy.


Feel differently. So maybe I want to try lunch too. Then maybe I want to share with the family. Emotional, spiritually ground me. I started slow. I went out for 20 minutes and I complained and thought it hurt. Like a pain in the ass about it. But now, we just got back from a 2-hour barefoot hike in the mountains on a trail.

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Also, as a mother we get to choose. We get to choose what our kids eat for the most part. We can make little changes in their lives. Not big ones be sometimes that causes so much panic. You just start small. Why do you look so rested? I get that feeling of overwhelm. Because what you want is actually coming towards you anyway. I was in a massive panic just 3 days ago.

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I think it was so clear and I did it. That was the coolest thing. I could feel it, I read it. If I sit on my own place of patience, what I need flows through me and without pain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me is looking for me, attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it. The quote made sense to me and I realized that things more coming towards me. So the desperate search or reaching out and frantic anxiety that I was feeling was just a thing.

Because you said, it took you reading it twice for it to sink in. Can you read it again so it could sink in for us? If I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows through me and without pain. This is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it. I love that Clint Ober gave you that quote.