Nissan leaf lease deals $99

Nissan Offering $2,000 Cash Back On 2018 LEAF (In ZEV States)

Did they give you a price brake down? Ask for one and post it. I cant get the calculator to quite add up.

This is for a Leaf S w no quick charge and 3 manufacturer adds. Residual is just horrible for the Leaf. How do they compare from an ev standpoint? I could never get over that pathetic ev range the e has. Could possibly make it a steal to lease when stacked with all these rebates.

New Nissan Lease Specials in Manchester, NH

Yeah, hopefully it gets better. I checked my taxes and I can take advantage of the tax credit fully. For some reason, I don't think the car would be worth that much in 3 years?? Crazy depreciation. I'm still leaning toward the SV, but I love the convenience and low up-front financial commitment of the the lease, so in the end it's a toss-up. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like a toss up. I'll push harder to have dealer lower price on the SV, otherwise, I'll strongly opt for the lease.

New Lease Deal on the New 2018 Nissan Leaf

This forum is great! I think but I'm not an expert! But there are other factors, i. Are you gonna need the QC, even for only a few times a year? If so, I'd go with the S. The link above implies tax and fees will be added on top. Thanks for the clarification. Bay area dealers have way much better deals than socal.

I'm in socal and can't even find Chevy spark available for lease. This sounds like an awesome deal.

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Good luck! Sure hate to leave the CA state rebate on the table. We know our customers have a lot to consider when making a pre-owned car purchase and we want you to drive away with confidence knowing you bought from Nissan of Burlingame. We do this by offering new and certified pre-owned inventory that fits every lifestyle. Nissan LEAF

I will call up Luis. By camera, do you mean backup camera? The spark ev doesn't have a backup camera. Is this aftermarket?

Leaf SV offer at Hayward Nissan - Ask the Hackrs - Leasehackr Forum

If so, does it connect to the existing display or they install another one? Thanks Keith! That sounds like a great deal. I just called Luis to check if he can give a similar deal or match the one with Fremont Chevy.

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Thanks Marty!!! I put a note in on the list that you and Keith found out through actual experience that the deal includes tax and lic on the drive-off. I'll change the math later today to reflect that. Thanks for the help! Hey Keith - since Marty concurred below, I will include your clarification on the list. Math to be updated later today. You can compare up to 3 vehicles at a time.

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