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Publisher works in text boxes unlike in Microsoft Word where you can type anywhere. Simply click on the Draw Text Box button and drag the box to your desired length.

If you would like a design that is a little more detailed, then try adding in your own photos or adding your text inside of shapes. To type inside the shape, once you have it at your desired size, place a text box within the shape or photo. Once your design is complete, save your document as a Publisher file this is so you can easily go back and make any changes later. Before you close your program, save the document as a PDF this is how you will upload it to your website for your readers to download. When the edit box pops up, change the text.


Another great way for your readers to download your freebie, is to make the sign-up up for your newsletter in order to receive the download link. You have successfully created a new freebie for your readers! Guide — educate someone through a challenging problem.

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Challenge — accomplish something in a set amount of time. Newsletter — a regular email with updates, news, information, etc.

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Quiz — take a quiz, enter your email to get the results. Mini course — like a course, but mini… and free. PDF of some kind — could be used for guides or challenges.

Wait — back up, what are ‘freebies’ or ‘lead magnets’ exactly?

Email freebies are free stuff offers and discounts that you can get sent straight to your inbox after you provide your email address. There's no waiting around for. Welcome to the magical world of freebies (aka content upgrades, lead That ' something' is usually their email address and permission to send them emails.

Video series — several emails to teach through an important topic. Email series — 1 email a day, or something like that.

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Audio training — like a podcast, but for subscribers only. Go deeper with these concepts as we share more: Listen to the episode:. Start Your Day Free Trial Fizzle is an all-in-one business building solution for people like you who want to create a profitable, sustainable, meaningful business. Cancel anytime.

13 Types of Freebies You Can Use to Grow Your Email List - Allyssa Barnes

Earn a living doing something you love. All rights reserved. Make sure you connect to Mailchimp and indicate that anyone who fills out this form will be added to the corresponding list.

Last step is to go back to mailchimp and create an email that will contain the freebie that you want to give. This means setting up an email that is a 'triggered automation' meaning, as soon as someone signs up for this list, they'll immediately get an email with access to the thing.

WHAT is a 'Freebie'?

Make sure you send a test email to yourself before you confirm the automation to ensure that everything works the way that you want it to. On Instagram Live, I talked about some examples of Freebies that I have collaborated on with clients in the past. Here are the links to the freebies I discussed if you're interested!

I am going to be one of the speakers for Right Start Workshops launching in Jan ! This is going to be a six-week workshop for anyone who has a small business, a side hustle or even wants to connect with their local business community. Right Start Workshops will include:. Expert speakers - Industry professionals will answer all of your questions in their area of expertise.

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Cowork time - Time to get some stuff done. Connect with your neighbor and tackle a new project!

How to Get Free Stuff Online! (The Secret is Out!)

WHAT is a 'Freebie'? HOW to offer a 'Freebie':. Create a List Using your email hosting, you'll want to create a list that corresponds with the freebie you are offering. Create a 'Triggered Automation' that contains the Freebie Last step is to go back to mailchimp and create an email that will contain the freebie that you want to give.

Right Start Workshops will include: Hot seat - Dedicated time to discuss your business questions, issues and concerns.